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Essential Oil Blend - Lavender & Chamomile - Sleep

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    • Aromatherapy Oils For Diffusers - Try our aromatherapy diffuser oils blend with Lavender Oil, Chamomile Oil, Clary Sage Oil, and Ylang-Ylang essential oils for diffusers for home and travel use.
    • Sleep Oil - We handpicked some of the finest sleep essential oils for diffusers to help promote better sleep aromatherapy by filling the room with a warm aromatic mist that delights the senses.
    • Essential Oil Blends - Many people choose lavender oil for sleep but we believe blending relaxing essential oils for humidifiers and diffusers is even better for enhancing your daily nighttime routine.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    A magic mix of essential oils. Love it!!!

    I have had trouble to get in sleep and read that essential oils could hp me. Looking to buy lavanda oil, I found this little magic mic of essential oils. All I can tell you so far is that it works Sooooo goood. Smell delicious and lavanda is the predominant smells, however you still can fell the other aromas. You just need a drop in your pillow to relax enough to have a repairing sleep. I think the product is so great for the price; I am sure it will last since you just need a drop because it is a pite oil mix ( smell strong). I highly recommend you if you have a dreaming rest.

    THE best smelling oil I own

    Having gotten into scented oils and diffusers over the past several years, I have quite the collection of scented oils, some which I like, and many I don't but can't bring myself to throw away. Skeptical at first of any sort of therapeutic claims, I found that some oils actually do seem to impact the quality of my sleep, feeling of calm, stuffy nose, general feeling of blah, and feeling of happiness. THIS is one. This brand is new to me, and I bought it totally on a whim. I am so glad I made the purchase. This scent is a soft and soothing lavender, where the lavender is not pungent but is smoothed out by something ever-so-slightly sweet, and something else with a tiny bit of herbal softness. It is a pleasure to smell either directly or diffused, and I find the smell lasts but is not overpowering. Straight lavender gives me headaches--its a scent on its own that I don't care for--but this scent blend is great. It's like I'm in a spa. I feel calm and relaxed when I diffuse this. Interestingly, I also can breathe easier when I diffuse this, as compared to other oils that actually market themselves as intended for sinus clarity.


    Could be happier with this blend. This aroma is beautiful and I use it in every single one of my sessions as a massage therapists. I get so many compliments on this oil and I use it frequently on the the neck and shoulders on my clients to help them attain a deeper state of relaxation. I show my clients the product so they can purchase on their own. The price is outstanding for the size of the bottle and I love that it drips out easily. Love it ! Will be buying more soon :-)


    This night time aromatherapy oil is so amazing! I can't get enough of the smell! It's not enough to just put in my diffuser, I need a couple drop on y rug but that's still not enough! I put a couple drops in lotion and wear it! I'd rub it on my gums if I didn't have better sense! LOLIt will calm your nerves and aid in more peaceful sleep! It's a great way to go night night! LoLDo you wanna go night night? Then get this oil!Good for everyone of every age except maybe newborns? Not sure!Caution though, I little really does go a long way! This is very potent long lasting oil! It's is insanely good!

    Our New Favorite Oils

    We are avid users of oils and diffuse them in every room. However, it can get quite expensive. We thought these were at a great price point decided to give these a try. The results shocked us! The scents are long-lasting, calming, and cleansing. Not overpowering or "off" smelling like some oils. These definitely compare to high-end oils. We tried both the Dream and Breathe blends in our air purifier. It runs either in our kitchen or near our cat box and really clears the air. We run the Breathe during the daytime and the Dream in the evening. We love them both and can't decide which one we like better! In fact, everything we have purchased from Maple Holistics has been on point! We will definitely be repurchasing these oils. Highly recommended!