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Organic Saffron Extract Supplement - 60 Count

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    • ENHANCE YOUR MOOD: The use of Saffron to enhance mood and treat depressive disorders is well documented through research studies. Glutamate and dopamine are two hormones strongly associated with mood and when they are deficient a host of mood disorders can occur. This Saffron Supplement works with the nervous system to support the production of these two hormones and therefore decrease a person's susceptibility to depression and general moodiness.
    • ONLY ORGANIC SAFFRON EXTRACT & TURMERIC ROOT POWDER - This means no toxic ingredients were used. Our supplements do not have major allergens such as gluten, sugar, and soy, nor synthetics or lab-made ingredients. 
    • POWER OF SAFFRON EXTRACT: Additional benefits of Saffron Extract include boosting memory, supporting eye health, improving libido, and reducing PMS symptoms. Whatever your goals may be, Saffron is just the supplement you need to get to where you want to be and improve your overall quality of life.
    • ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES: Both Saffron & Turmeric have impressive antioxidant properties which make the capsules beneficial in preventing and reducing many chronic conditions and diseases. Chronic inflammation is linked to cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and chronic pain. Antioxidants work to reduce the presence of inflammation by eliminating the free radicals and toxins in the body.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Good product

    I started taking this supplement a week ago for my overall well-being. The taste is minimal and it does not repeat on me. I'm hopeful that it will work towards my joint pain, eye health and mental well-being.

    Evidenced-based supplements

    When searching for a mood supplement, Green Xtract’s website made the choice clear. The website details the benefits of each supplement based on specific scientific studies, which proves this company knows what they’re talking about. And, the ingredients are safe and natural. I wouldn’t get a supplement anywhere else.

    Amazing product!

    This product is amazing! I use it in the morning before breakfast and then before lunch. It gives me so much energy. The crazy cravings at night are over. I think is helping me with my mood and stress. I just love this product so much it has become part of my daily life.

    Helps with mood

    I have noticed an improvement in my mood while mildly restricting my diet. I will continue to purchase and would recommend

    Love this stuff!

    My late night cravings have disappeared, helping me lose weight. I have noticed during my long stressful 80 hour work weeks I have sustained energy, positive moods, and havent gotten sick around all my sick co workers.