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Organic & Natural Bath Bombs Set - 24 Count

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    • 24 Bath Bombs Gift Set: Contains four small boxes, each with 6 different colors and fragrances.
    • There are 6-different colors in each box including Summer Dream - Yellow, Orange, and Blue, rich in Rose essential oil. Morning Rose - Yellow and Redrich in Rose essential oil and special essence. Ocean Pearl - Blue and White rich in Mint essential oil. Good Night - Purple and Green rich in Lavender essential oil. Rainforest - Yellow, and Green are rich in Lemon essential oil & special essence. Lovely Cupid - Red, White, and Green rich in Lemon essential oil and milk essence.
    • The Latest Formula: The latest ingredient ratio ensures a good bubbling and floating effect. It will give you an amazing visual impression while putting it in the water. Natural materials have lower activity and longer storage time in the absence of water. It effectively solves the drawbacks that other bath bombs use chemical raw materials to cause internal foaming after storage for a period of time.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    Worth the money, good value.

    Not disappointed

    I was very excited to receive my package and smell it through the box. For the price that you pay the quality is great. I am excited to test these out. They are about the size of golf balls. Though upon using I did notice the yellow/green ones did not hold their shape. I had to open those above the tub but nonetheless great bath bombs. I smell great and my skin feels soft.

    Best bath bombs from box to bath!

    OMG! I was excited when I ordered these bath bombs because I love my baths and am always looking for products to keep my skin moisturized while soaking. When these beautiful bath bombs arrived I was blown away! They came boxed in 4 packages (6 to a box), each with a ‘Thank you’ card enclosed. I decided to save one box to use as a gift because it was so lovely.Best of all, they really work! When I got out of the bath my skin felt nice and there was no horrible ring around the tub like other bath bombs have done. LOVE!

    The perfect solution to a small problem.

    My wife made the mistake of buying a fancy bath bomb and popped one into the tub with my toddler who went crazy for it! He calls them bath surprises and now gets really sad if we don't put one in the tub. As much as I love him I wasn't going to spend seven bucks everytime he took a bath. Then I found these. Perfect. They work great, color the water, smell great and he loves the fizz and they do not break the bank by a long shot. Thanks for an afforadable answer!


    First of all, the packaging is brilliant. You get a large box that holds the individual 4 boxes inside, and each bath bomb is organized in a plastic crate inside as well as individually wrapped. There is also a thank you card in each box and some paper grass for added protection.I used these for baby shower favors and used one the other day that was left over. I was a bit wary at first because of the rose scent overpowering the box. I thought they might all be rose scented, which wouldn't be the worst thing, but not expected. I was wrong though because my bath bomb did not smell like rose once it diffused in the bath. However I don't actually know what scent it was exactly because the included packaging shows only names for the bath bombs, like "Ocean Pearl" and "Rainforest" and not the oils used per bath bomb. It'd be nice to know what scents are in the bomb being used, purely for my enjoyment! That's not enough for me to leave anything less than a 5 star review because everything else is spot on.