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Essential Oils Set - 14 Pack

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  • This set includes the following scents lavender, frankincense, eucalyptus, breathe blend, cedarwood, sweet orange, rosemary, good sleep blend, tea tree, stress relief blends, lemon, peppermint, robbers, and muscle relief blend.
  • The 14 bottle set is placed in beautiful high-quality 5ml colored glass bottles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
High Quality Product and Customer Service!

I have been into aromatherapy for about 3 years now. I have used all types of brands of products, including some of the very expensive type that were being sold by my coworkers. Recently I have been mostly getting my oils from my natural food store. I decided to try these Artizen oils. I could tell right away when opening the bottle, and putting them in my diffuser, that they were better quality the what I have been getting. I don’t need to use as much, I can tell they are not watered down, and they smell amazing. The good sleep one is my favorite so far. My daughters suffer from PTSD and nightmares, so this scent in particular has been very helpful to get them a good nights sleep. I was a little sad to find that a couple of my bottles had cracked lids, and I lost all of my sweet orange and half of my lemon. But I was able to reply to their customer service email with this information. I did not expect to hear from anyone. However, the next morning I received an email that they would be sending me a whole new set, and issuing me a refund for the inconvenience. This is amazing customer service. I will continue to buy from them because of this and the high quality product. Next time around I hope to get some of the bigger bottles of my favorite scents.

Perfect for diffuser use

I ordered this set for my first diffuser after looking into the best, inexpensive real oils and just ordered again because I ran out of the ones I liked. I love the majority of them so even though a couple bottles go to waste, it’s well worth it. I use a small diffuser and only need 2-3 drops of oil a night for the 3 hours I run it. I recommend these small bottles over Artizens larger bottle of Good sleep. For some reason the big bottle has a completely different smell and actually kept me up at night-strange! I’ll stick with these little bottles and recommend them to anyone who doesn’t use a lot or is just starting out to find the ones they like.

I bought these to supplement a humidifyer in my children's rooms

I wasn't sure what scents would be popular, but I wanted to try them to see if I could assist in getting my kids to bed quicker. I went through all of the scents and there are a couple that I just don't enjoy. I don't know the scents well enough to state whether they were close or not to the real thing, so I won't knock them, but I did notice multiple that smelled similar to me and I couldn't tell the difference.Pros:- You get 14 scents to try different things out. Typically, we lean more towards the mint, tea tree, eucalyptus, and citrus smells.- They come in a nice little box in individual bottles. Nicely labeled.- Priced competitively as a nice way to sample something before you waste your money on a larger bottle.Cons:- Some of the smells smelled too similar to each other and some were displeasing, though I will admit that it might just be my nose, not the product.- Some bottles flow easier than others, so be careful the first time you use them if you just want a drop or two.Overall, I would highly recommend this set just to have something to test the different scents out there and find what you like.

Glad They Didn't LEAK...

I'm giving 5 STARS overall because these oils smell very NICE & PLEASANT, plus their scents LAST. I love coming home to an environment that's Refreshing thruout. So Clean & Pure, unlike some essential oils I've used prior. I have also picked an oil out of this set & put about 10 drops in a spray bottle, adding water. This creates an instant Air Freshner..misting furniture, hallways, large rooms, etc. The scent lasts a long time, as I am complimented by customers, who also ask what am I using? Ha! I have used "this brand" to CLEAN with. Mainly wood furniture, wood fireplace mantles & toilets!! I've also invested in "better" diffusers. I highly recommend the "URPOWER" brand.I will give 1 STAR for "packaging & shipping". For some "odd" reason, these oils are placed inside an " Envelope" & NOT a box. The oils themselves are housed inside a "VERY THIN" box that isn't STURDY, nor can hold the "weight" of these bottles. The box was falling apart when I opened up the yellow envelope. Thankfully nothing LEAKED, but I'm shocked that they didn't. I would've also stamped "Fragile" on the package, but that wasn't on there either. All essential oils that I've purchased thru or website, have ALWAYS come in a BOX, not a yellow Envelope.

Bought the Artizen Aromatherapy Top 14 Essential Oil Set for ...

Bought the Artizen Aromatherapy Top 14 Essential Oil Set for my wife and she just loves it. She is especially crazy about the Robbers blend. The only thing she doesn't care for is how fast the oil comes out of the bottle, it makes it harder for her to make the blends with specific amounts of drops.