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Aromatherapy Oils Roll-On Set - 8 Pack

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  • The rollerball oils contain 8 aromatherapy rollerballs, containing unique blends of essential oils.
  • Easy-to-apply rollerballs mean ultra convenience in taking along for use.
  • Serene, Chi, Relief, Cleanse, Zen, Om, Solace, and Bliss each offer gentle healthful aromatherapy benefits.
  • Essential oil blends are already combined, no mixing needed.
  • Cruelty-free and vegan.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Effective. Economical. Exceptional.

Wanting to get started with essential oils, and not wanting to get involved with an MLM scheme, I bought my first set of Art Natural Oil’s from a gift card that I got as a Christmas present two years ago. I still have that set and have learned to use it for everything. Essential oils do what they claim as long as they are pure, quality oils. Art Natural Oils are quality oils. They work 100% of the time for what I need them for, allergies, colds, flu, fatigue, meditation and so much more. The scents are divine and two years later are just as potent as the day they arrived. The packaging was exceptional and it comes with a booklet that I still reference. I loved mine so much that when my family began to talk about essential oils, I bought them each a set. My family members were quite impressed with the product and presentation. Art Natural Oils also didn’t break the bank. The roller balls are quite handy and their size makes them very portable. I highly recommend picking this set up. You will be glad you did.

Great seller

Absolutely awesome product. Got these oils for my wife as a gift and she was extremely pleased with this product. Had a small issue of a couple bottles seemed to had leaked. Contacted seller and she didn’t hesitate to reach out to me and get this fixed up for my wife. Absolutely great customer service. Will gladly be buying this item again and again. Recommend buying for this seller

Great product!

Totally pleased with the oils! One of the bottles was slightly leaking and I just wiped the outside of the container and opened the other remaining bottles. I enjoy all of the fragrances and I would definitely re-order this product again. I noticed that several of the customers complained about the bottles leaking. Maybe I was lucky that only one of mine had leaked slightly. I’m using a small dish to hold my bottles upright to avoid any issues. Great find!!


A wonderful set to have around. A fan of oils, the multiple bottles can be a pain to get out and apply. The roller really lets your experience the oils. The variety is perfect to have.

Great rollerball essential oil set

Great quality set with booklet. Pain, sinus, focus and mood elevating. I love Solace and Bliss, but also Relief and Cleanse. I have lots of experience with essential oils, and you cannot go wrong with this set. I did start each rollerball manually, but they roll nicely after you get them moving. Packed nicely too.