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Essential Oil Diffuser - 500ml

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  • 5-IN-1 AROMATHERAPY DEVICE: This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is an amazing multifunction aromatherapy device unlike any other you have ever used. It features a large and easy to clean 500ml water tank, 7 different LED light colors, multiple mist nebulizer modes, as well as a safety auto-switch that prevents it from overheating in case it runs out of water.
  • GREATLY IMPROVES AIR QUALITY: Besides its uses in aromatherapy, this essential oil diffuser also functions as a humidifier. Use it to improve your home's air and atmosphere quality, cover the smell of pets or smoking, and protect your family from excessively dry air, microorganisms, allergens, dust, and more.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: When it comes to our premium essential oil diffusers, we make a point of using nothing but the same ultra-high grade, safe, and eco-friendly PP materials baby bottles are made from, as well as state-of-the-art production processes and strict quality control.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Would recommend!

Alright, so I needed an oil diffuser to not only fit with the room theme that I was going for which was, in this case, 'stolen IKEA set meets nineteen-year-old's obnoxious Tumblr blog' but also to help manage stress and to get myself to chill out a bit.Well, let me tell you all that this exceeded my expectations! It really ties everything together and makes the entire room smell AMAZING in about 40 seconds. I loved the different color options and they actually weren't as intrusively blinding as I had expected. I also enjoy the fact that it gives you the option of having any light at all (I know some oil diffusers that don't and so the light is just on the whole time). Anyway, enough of the rambling: 10/10 would recommend, has helped with the whole calm thing and is super easy to assemble & use--drop oil and water into that bad boy, plug it in, and breath in that relaxation!Great job, keep it up!godbless*Photos attached to show some of the colors and what it looks like with the light off*

Lasts super long

We really like this product. We purchased it both for the aromatherapy and humidity effects. We set it up at night time, turn it on, and it lasts until the afternoon the next day. DOESN'T get the table wet like some humidifiers do, but on heavy mist, it does add a bit of humidity to the air. During the summer time, or in high humidity climates, I would use low mist so it doesn't add as much moisture to the air. It is larger than some machines, but that is because you need a larger water reservoir so it can go for hours on end. It is simple and modern looking, smooth to the touch, so it is easy to clean. Even when the light is off, there is a very faint glow when on, but I am a very light sensitive sleeper, and it doesn't bother me.

Great diffuser, I use it every night

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I love this diffuser. It sits on my bedside table. I love the soft noise it makes, not too loud, but good soft white noise for sleeping. It has various light settings which are neat, but too bright for bedtime in my opinion, do you can diffuse with no lights if you choose. It has a large water reservoir so it lasts all night long.

Best diffuser I have tried!

I own four other electric diffusers and two of this model (in different base colors). ASAKUKI puts out the highest volume of mist and can be adjusted to low or high mist. I also love the large reservoir. I fill it up prior to bedtime and my room smells great when I am ready to turn and it is still running the next morning. This is the only type of diffuser I have found that allows you to change the direction of the mist output vent. You just rotate the cover to direct the mist exactly where you want it. My other diffusers have an opening in the center of the cover, and there is no way to direct the output--it just goes straight up. I like that I can direct it away from the piece of furniture it is on and toward me. ASAKUKI is the best diffuser I have purchased. The light colors are lovely and you can choose a bright or dimmer setting for each color, let it cycle through the colors, or stop on one. I find red to be the most soothing at night. It doesn't put out too much light, so it won't interfere with sleep.

I love the Asakuki

The Asakuki is a 5 star product based on aesthetics, functionality, specifications and its silent. This is a beautiful aromatherapy diffuser that fills the room with a cool, musty, aromatherapy fragrance. It’s like being in a spa and having clean fresh mists fill the room, up to 800 Sq ft in my office/living room. I am amazed and delighted that o have Asakuki, so I am buying more of these for gifts, and the rest of tge home. I have tried so many different types that have not lasted, is noisy, too small, too expensive and not as pretty and useful as this brand. Please try this product from Japan, it’s the best diffuser you will use for the whole family.