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Organic Aromatherapy Shower Steamers - 6 Pack

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    • Aromatherapy Shower Steamers- Organic Shower Bombs. Natural Essential Oils for a strong lingering fragrance- Perfect for both Women Men.
    • Exquisitely Designed: The shower bombs in this set are compact, colorful, and attractively designed, which makes it a great gift option. The shower bombs come in an exquisitely designed package.
    • Good to De-Stress the Body: The shower bombs contain essential oils, which help you relax after a long and tiring day. The goodness of ingredients like peppermint and lavender is what makes these shower bombs so unique and therapeutic.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    A lovely addition to a good, hot shower

    The scents of the shower bombs are lovely. They're easy to use, and make a nice, hot shower even nicer. I'll be using these regularly. They'd make a lovely gift for any adult.I received a free package of these from the company, and am reviewing it voluntarily.

    Really amazing product

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This product is super nice, perfect for gift and smells absolutely amazing. Good value for you money i love that they made essentially bath bombs for showers!

    Very fragrant!

    These are amazing! The new formula definitely is much better. This morning I put a pretty lavendar colored bomb on the floor of my shower and I could smell the bomb working! I will say that with almond trees and gumball trees starting to bloom my nose is a bit stuffy and I also suffer from chronic sinusitis BUT I was able to smell and appreciate these shower bombs throughout my entire shower!I will definitely be buying more of these as its a perfect way to start (or end) your day when you are not feeling like a abath (or aren't a bath person) and still feel like you were able to have some much needed self care time. They fizzed up and though I do have a shower mat, the bomb itself didn't feel like it would be slippery but that's just me.I will definitely be buying more in the future and will include them in my saran ball wrap game if we happen to do them for Christmas this year. Even better yet I know some special women who appreciate these!They smell absolutely amazing and are so fragrant you can smell them BEFORE you open them up! I have them sitting in my spa bowl on my bathroom counter.

    Liked it, little bomb packed a punch.

    Ok each shower bomb is just under 2 inches in diameter and just over 1/2 an inch thick and individually wrapped. They are brightly-colored wonderfully scented in the box, so great gift idea. Now they are not labeled individually so it a scent roulette when picking which one you want to use, again they are individually wrapped so that is both helpful and not. Unwrap and place on shower floor Away from directshower spray, then enjoy. They give off a light pleasing scent it not overwhelming or cloying. It dissolved and rinsed clean not leaving a pigmentation mark on my shower floor. Overall great product just wish bomb scent was identified on wrapping.

    Showers will never be the same again!

    The scent is amazing! I originally bought the steamers for my teenagers and then she loved them so much that I got myself this box. These make my shower feel like I am at the spa! Love them and one of the best features is that there are no stains left behind when the steamers is done! Such a fantastic product!