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Deep Sleep Pillow Spray Combo - Vetivert & Chamomile - 2.5oz

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    • FALL & STAY ASLEEP: Whether you struggle to fall asleep or frequently wake up during the night, these award-winning sleep partners are proven to help aid both steps for a better night's sleep.
    • INCLUDES BOTH: The 2.5oz deep sleep pillow spray is a fast-acting natural pillow spray with Lavender, Vetiver and Chamomile, proven to help you fall asleep faster, 99% natural and the 2.5oz sleep plus pillow spray with a motion-activated sleep solution, to help you stay asleep longer also 99% natural.
    • DEEP SLEEP: Best for when it is difficult to fall asleep and a restless mind that just will not quiet down.
    • SLEEP PLUS: Formulated with restless sleepers in mind, proven to improve sleep throughout the night.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    A nice way to end the night...

    This product is so effective at helping me fall asleep. I liken it to my aromatherapy diffuser but concentrated right on my pillow. It does not bother my skin in the least. I mist my pillow and immediately lie down. The scent is heavenly. Just like essential oils. The sprays came in this amazing cotton bag that can be used for so many things. I am overjoyed by these sprays. It really makes me look forward to drifting off to sleep and staying asleep. In these stressful times of this pandemic, anything to help me sleep is a blessing and I am happy to have found these wonderful sprays.

    Awesome smell.

    Love the smell. Sometimes lavender scents smell off. Not this. Such a nice smell. So relaxing. Really works.

    Good product to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

    I've really been struggling with sleep, I do feel these both help to make me fall asleep faster and keep me asleep longer.


    I love this stuff. Helps me fall asleep so quick!The smell is amazing as well

    Helps You Sleep

    This pair is a good way to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. If you've tried lavender pillows, you know that the scent wears off quickly and you have to keep crushing the buds to release scent. These sprays are great because it's an equally powerful scent each night. You can spray more or less depending on what you like. I sleep on my side, so I just spray the ends of my pillow. You should take several deep breaths when your head hits the pillow to really take in the scent. You'll feel an immediate sense of calm. If you need help sleeping, I highly recommend this set.Thanks so much for taking the time to read this review. I hope the information that I've provided makes your decision a little easier.