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Anxiety & Depression Relief Supplement - 60 Count

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  • 100% PLANT-BASED: A completely plant-based anxiety supplement and depression supplement that provides total mood support. Your brain and body may need a little extra nutritional support to help with anxiety, depression, and stress. 
  • CONSISTS OF 7 POWERFUL HERBS: These 7-healing herbs have been used for centuries. St Johns Wort works to increase the availability of the chemicals serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain, which are crucial components in maintaining a positive state of mind.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
My Boyfriend feels much better

I bought this for my boyfriend for his depression and anxiety. He hates anti depressants and didn't want to start them again. So, I did some research and came across this product. After reading the reviews I decided to order it for him and give it a try. He's been taking it for a little while now (a few days) and I already notice a difference in him. He's much more motivated, calm, and things that would normally cause a depressive episode fall off his back and he treats them more as a minor inconvenience now. He's so much happier and excited, and at the same time he's much calmer and less worried about everything. It seems to be helping him so much. I will definitely continue to get him this product as he needs it.UPDATE: he has been taking these for about 10 days now and I see an extreme improvement. He hasn't had a depressive episode in almost 3 weeks now. He's excited, motivated and more alert and active. He was feeling worse before we came across these because we have been stuck in California playing a waiting game and it was taking a toll on him. I knew he needed something and he refuses to take chemical medications and I completely support that. We subscribed to get these monthly because THEY WORK. If anyone has depression and anxiety, I highly recommend this product.

Life Changer! (PMDD)

All I can say is that this product has changed my life. I have PMDD and I felt like I could not control my negative thoughts. It affected my family/work/love relationships. I was getting to the point where I felt like giving up on life. My anxiety was through the roof. I couldn’t handle everyday task. I was always exhausted and just wanted to sleep the day away. I withdrew from grad school on the first day because I could handle the pressure and had a severe anxiety attack. Most days I felt like I was hanging by a thread. I would cry at the drop of the dime. I couldn’t have a normal conversation without tears and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t hold my emotions in order. I was Constantly creating to do list because I couldn’t remember what needed to get done and I thought it would help with the anxiety. I couldn’t sleep through the night and I would always wake up with my shoulders tense. I didn’t want to get on prescription medication but I knew I needed help before it was to late. After taking this the first day my boss at work mentioned that I was happy. It’s only gotten better from there. Everyone around me seems to be responding to my cheerful disposition. I have tons of energy and my glass is now have full instead of half empty. I feel like a new person! I thought I had lost that person I once was but she is back and better than ever. I feel so grateful that I am allowing myself to start a new chapter in my life. My tears of pain have now become tears of joy. I sleep through the night. I’m recreating healthy relationships and explaining to the people in my life what was going on inside of me before because I was embarrassed to tell them what I was going through. They have only accepted me with open arms wishing I would’ve told them before. I have reapplied to grad school and I feel i can conquer this goal with new insight and clarity. I have been telling others to please try this product because I just want Everyone that was dealing with what I was to feel better. No one should have to feel severe anxiety to the point of no return. I’ve been on this product for over a year now and I don’t intend on stopping. Forget getting on prescription medication! GOD BLESS THE MAKERS OF THIS PRODUCT!!!!

Just received my order

Just received my order yesterday, and last night I slept 12 hours strate. I’m dealing with dibilating chronic anxiety and adrenal issues. I know that if I could just get my anxiety under control my adrenals would heal very rapidly as I am on a very healthy diet. Today I feel a sense of calmness. I’ve tried many other supplements this past year and nothing has worked. My doctor wanted to put me on anti anxiety mediations and I knew that wasn’t the route to take. I’m really praying that this supplement will help my dig myself out of this hole that I am in along with prayer, mediation, healthy diet, and rest. I will update every few weeks.

Never thought I’d mention the product like this, but Joy-Filled has significantly reduced my ches...

Never thought I’d mention the product like this, but Joy-Filled has significantly reduced my chest tightness from anxiety if and when it happens and I am less depressed, more energized, relaxed and sleep is more possible due to the fact anxiety is significantly reduced. I know if I took a Pharmaceutical product for what I have going on, there’s no way in my opinion it could give me the kind of results like Joy-Filled is doing. I have confidence in Joy-Filled because I am actually noticing changes in my mood, emotional control, ability to read more, less anxiety and if anything, I’d say almost none.

JF replaced my Zoloft AND I lost weight! Yay!

Replaced taking Sertraline (Zoloft) with this product. Despite years on my Rx and even having it DOUBLED, I was not truly happy, lacked drive, was failing at adulting and riddled with guilt for my lack of functionality on the daily despite my efforts. Not to mention, battling my weight hardcore despite the food and exercise (dang you mid 30s metabolism!!). Something had to give. I started by splitting my Rx dosage in half the 1st week and started taking it without my medication on week 2. JoyFilled seems to be counteracting the negative side effects of quitting Rx meds. I am excited to see what more time and continued use will do! And as an added bonus, I lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks making the med swap! Uhhhh yes please, I will take some more of THAT kind of side effects!! :) Starting to feel human again and like I can be a better mama than the anxious irritable monster I was becoming! THANK YOU HAPPY HEALTHY HIPPIE!