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Bath & Body Gift Set - Cherry Blossom

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    • 5-Piece Bath Gift Set - Our spa gift set is created with natural ingredients and is never tested on animals. Infused with pure essential oils and Vitamin E to rejuvenate and relax while smoothing and moisturizing skin.
    • Spa Beauty Kit Includes - 1 Moisturizing Natural Soap, 1 Moisturizing Hand Cream, 1 Bath Salt, 1 Massage Oil, and 1 Scented Candle. Fuses traditional therapies and fragrant aromatherapy taking your skin and senses to a whole new level.
    • Cherry Blossom Gift Set: Inspired by the charming cherry blossom forest in the countryside, this beautiful relaxing cherry blossom oil scent is romantic, fragrant, and long-lasting. It will make you feel like you are walking through a fresh cherry blossom garden.

    Customer Reviews

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    Fabulous scent, but you need a lot of the bath salts to get it to last

    Bath and Body Gift Set, Cherry Blossom Spa Gift Box for Women, Selection 5Pc Spa Womens Gift Sets Includes Bath Salt, Hand Cream, Soap, Massage Oil, Scented Candle. Great Gift Ideas for WomenMy husband ordered this set for me. He knows I'm a bath fanatic and always interested in new scents and products. I'm not usually a floral fan, so was a little apprehensive but this cherry blossom scent was INCREDIBLE! It's not at all heavy, but has a refreshing spring-like feel that I really liked.The bath salts were marvelous. I have a large soaking tub so tend to need more product than most people to produce enough scent to permeate all the water. I sprinkled in about 1/3 of the bottle to test them out, since I didn't know how strong they'd be. As soon as the salt crystals started melting in the water I could detect the scent. It was incredible - light and lovely. Unfortunately, it didn't last very long - the volume of water quickly overpowered the ability of the crystals to continue to create the scent experience. I dumped another 1/3 in - once again I immediately noticed the lovely aroma, but once again it didn't last. It took the full bottle to get the scent to linger in the water - from there on I could definitely notice the cherry blossom beyond the initial scent burst and it lingered on my skin a bit after the bath as well, much to my delight.The other products all carry the same lovely scent, and their scent strength was a bit more intense, which I liked. The candle is lovely in a cute tin package. The hand cream is smooth and lush and leaves my hands soft and not at all greasy. I used the massage oil as an essential oil. It works beautifully on skin as a perfume oil also.This was a fabulous set with a very lovely scent that I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm now officially a fan of one floral scent!


    My BFF absolutely loved it!

    A very welcome gift.

    This was a gift for my friend. She liked it very much.

    Excellent product

    This products are just great, excellent value and quality

    Smells good

    This makes my skin feel good and soft. I feel so relaxed when taking a bath with it. I’m so tempted to buy more