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Essential Oils Blend Set - 3 Pack - Happy

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    • NATURAL HEALING POWERS: This Essential oil blend collection is made up of three oil blends Citrus Blend, Good Mood Blend, and Blissful Magic Blend. These oil blends boost feelings of positivity and happiness. It has a lovely, sweet, exotic, floral, refreshing, relaxing aroma that can energize, balance emotions, cheer up and soothe the body and mind. This set helps with Anxiety, Anger, Depression, and Stress.
    • HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS: This set of oil blends have a combination of the most premium, high-quality oils. It has a magical aroma and is a combination of Lavender, Orange, Jasmine, Neroli, Rose, White lotus, and Vetiver. These blends can be inhaled, diffused, applied to the skin, and used for cleaning. The oil blends can be added to your wool dryer balls for a blissful natural scent. Become calm, relaxed, and happy in an instant with a simple drop.
    • 100% PURE & UNDILUTED: These oils are highly concentrated, naturally derived, never tested on any animals, 100% pure and free of synthetic ingredients, parabens, or artificial fragrances, delivering the very best benefit. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Smell great

    Not sure if these actually have any therapeutic use but they smell great and make my house smell great. The pleasant smell of ‘good mood’ definitely puts me in a good mood when guest come because I know my house smells great. Citrus one did give my father in law a bad headache which he never gets headaches and gave him sinus issues, he has asthma and is a smoker so maybe he was allergic to something in product.

    Love love love ❤️

    These are without a doubt the best most deliciously blended essential oils I have ever purchased. I have a diffuser and for a couple of years have been trying different blends and individual essential oils, none of which were quite right. I gave up on essential oils whichI was using cuz I wanted something that smelled great and tried some plain fragrance oils, which did not work as they smelled artificial or plasticky and do not have the health benefits of natural essential oils. So back on the quest for really good essential oil blends, and so happy I found these. These 3 blends are all really lovely, ESPECIALLY the Blissful Magic which is sweet, subtle, flowery, uplifting, soothing, unusual and amazing. Highly recommend this little collection.

    Love everything Woolzies! This is my favorite set!

    LOVE woolzies!! The ‘good mood’ is my absolute favorite, I was diffusing and wearing it constantly and have now run out. The citrus blend is very pleasant. I still wear ‘blissful magic’ often, and have received many compliments, saying I smell like fresh cut flowers! My husband doesn’t like when I diffuse the blissful magic, it is quite a strong scent and it gives him a headache.

    Smell great and arrived securely

    Beautiful set! I was nervous because of the reviews saying they only liked the citrus scent, but I happen to love lavender and jasmine too. All of the blends were just right for me.Pros: cute and sturdy packaging. The box closes magnetically and the oils are vacuum sealed in dense foam. They smell great and are not diluted with a carrier oil.Cons: the front of the box has some kind of dried sticky stuff right in the middle. Not a problem for home use, but not a great presentation if it’s part of a gift basket or something.I bought them for laundry and for making lotion bars, so I’ll update after I’ve used them for some time.

    Great Scents for an Affordable Price

    I bought these essential oils for a diffuser in my office. Each scent smells nice but the Good Mood is my favorite. The Citrus Blend is very strong. Lemon and orange are the primary scents that I smell. Good Mood is softer and almost has this baby powder smell that's soothing and not overwhelming. Blissful Magic is more floral and has a spicy quality to it. There are more expensive kinds out there that smell amazing but unfortunately are not affordable right now. I love that this is a nice alternative.